Capsule Collection

Capsule Collection

The tailoring trade is a traditional industry, associated with refined skills and perfectly fitted garments. As a traditional industry, it has not changed exponentially over time, and therefore bespoke tailors today will utilize hand sewing techniques that have been around for hundreds of years to accomplish the task. 

This collection was inspired by those small techniques that are never seen by the naked eye as they reside within the structure of the tailored garment. It was important to extrapolate these unique details into their own couture elements on each garment to showcase the level of skill and creativity within tailoring and expose otherwise under-appreciated details. 

One hand-sewing technique in particular that inspired this collection was the chain stitch, a stitch used to gather fabric within the shoulder and create 'ease' for the sleeve to be sewn in. Not only is this small detail aesthetically beautiful, it also enhances the shoulder. The chain stitch is also common in embroidery, knitting, or manufacturing of denim

This collection has the potential to help visualize the possibilities within the garments that you already own. I deconstructed and reconstructed existing garments in order to showcase their potential and create a new and innovative looks. If you are interested in having me review your existing garments and implementing some of these techniques onto them, book a consultation

Cool Fact: If you decide to take the sleeves off of your own blazer, they can be saved for a later date, in case you change your mind and want them added back on. As long as the armhole isn't modified too much, they can be reset.  

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