Anatomy of a Blazer

Anatomy of a Blazer

I have a deep love for blazers that goes beyond words. They are the perfect choice for both formal and casual attire, offering endless styling possibilities. I often use them to refine a casual look for events to strike a balance between being too dressed up and too casual. For instance, when teaching, I aim to appear approachable yet professional to set myself apart from my students.

One of my favourites is a Ports International 1961 navy textured wool blazer with a box shoulder. While the waist of the blazer is too long for me (an extremely common issue I have given that I have a short torso) it still hugs the small of my waist in the right way, the caveat is that I wear the blazer unbuttoned.

Blazers have a magical ability to enhance any outfit effortlessly, making them a timeless wardrobe staple. In the following pages, you will find information outlining the anatomy of a blazer, which will serve as a helpful reference for the introductory or comprehensive Wardrobe Assessment Guides.

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